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After many years of service at the Aspen Institute and the Aspen Forum on Women and Girls, we announce the bittersweet news that Peggy Clark, a founding co-chair of AIFWG, will be leaving the Aspen Institute for an important new role. Peggy has dedicated her life and career to gender justice, poverty alleviation, global health, social enterprise, and development finance rooted in racial equity. We are grateful for her committed leadership and will miss her energy and collaborative spirit. We know she will continue to be a partner in the fight for feminist and transnational solidarity as the incoming CEO of the International Center for Research on Women. 

Since its founding, the Aspen Institute Forum on Women and Girls has recognized that the fight for gender justice is a global one. From the women leading protests for their children’s safety and access to education in Afghanistan to women-led efforts to secure healthcare access and economic security in the face of crises in Haiti, the path to gender equity is inextricably linked across geographies. 

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