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Tsion Yohannes Waka is the founding Chair for the Center for Gender Equity of University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) and responsible for heading the academic, research and community development projects pertaining to gender equity. Before this role, she was engaged with UGHE as the Chief Conference Organizer for Women Leaders in Global Health Conference of 2019, where she was responsible for the agenda development and execution of the conference through management of the International and Scientific Committees as well as the communication and logistics team. Before joining University of Global Health Equity in Rwanda, Waka was engaged in production of a Preliminary Gender Prole of Ethiopia and a National Assessment on Accessibility and Availability of Rehabilitative and Reintegration Services for Survivors of Violence for UN Women Ethiopia. She has also been working for 16 years as a gender expert and consultant with a number of international and local nongovernmental and government organizations by participating in community engagement projects and conducting research, evaluations, gender analysis, audit and impact assessments in relation to various thematic areas, such as reproductive health, child rights and other development issues. Her roles have also included giving trainings on gender-based violence, gender equality and gender mainstreaming to schools, university students, community members and technical staff in international and local nongovernmental organizations. Some of the organizations she has worked with include the World Bank, UNWomen, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Women in Self-Employment, Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst, Menschen Fuer Menschen, Mary Joy Aid Through Development, USAID- ATEP, Oxfam Canada and Novib, British Council.